Best Travel Blogs for 2019
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Michal Stolarewicz

Michal has visited over 54 countries and has been on over 200 flights. He definitely is born to travel. Read about travel tips and ideas about travel. Check out also videos of his adventures.
Vlad delivers travel destinations through his blog. He is excited to discover new places and then write about it including topics about tapas and wine.
Third Place
A food and travel blog created by Paul and Helene. Their travel experiences are described with much enthusiasm and are accompanied by gorgeous pictures for readers to enjoy.
This is published by a group of Ukrainians who wanted to present their city from a different perspective. Read about the history of Kiev and its culture. This blog tells readers about the best of the city straight from the locals.
This website covers all you need to know about Ukraine. From traditions, to nightlife, to food destinations. Read more about the best in Ukraine by following this site.

Duze Podroze

This website continues to produce articles that will help readers to decide where to go for the next adventure. Plan your travel and take expeditions fearlessly.
Read about travel tales straight from India. Learn more about the best travel destinations with hotel reviews and recommendations. This website has been around for years making it one of the best in the business.

Anuradha Goyal is a travel blog from India that attracts thousands all over the world. Read about honest reviews and watch their videos and be informed about the best travel destinations worldwide.
Shivya quit her job to travel the world and blog about her experiences to share to her followers. Her blog clearly shows how independent a woman could be and can follow her dreams with perseverance and commitment. Read about her journey by following her blog.
A beautiful couple whose passion for travel has taken them to different parts of the world. Read about their journey and ignite that inner wanderlust in you. Know more about trip ideas and guides that are helpful when traveling abroad. Put this website on your list as one of the best and gain more knowledge about other cultures and foreign events. Be motivated and be inspired to travel.
DJ is a certified jetsetter who has been travelling the word for years. He is also a talented photographer who takes candid photos and breathtaking views. He travels all over Europe and records every piece of it. His recent trip will definitely make you quit your job and book that trip and have an awesome adventure!
Best Travel Blog

Andrea Guerriero

Spend some time traveling around Europe where most places are absolutely stunning. Follow this blog that offers the best travel destination with well-researched articles and honest reviews. Spend the holidays in Europe and create amazing memories.
Best Travel Blogs for 2019

Maria Stoyanova

For 6 years, travellingbuzz has been actively sharing first-hand travel information and tips to inspire others to satisfy their wanderlust. Maria has been traveling around Europe and sharing her stories online. Her blog has been recognized by notable travel companies and has been an inspiration to many. Follow her blog and make that dream adventure a possibility.

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