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When you consider what the state of the world’s interconnected situation has become in terms of how it relates to travel and online shopping via sites like AliExpress, kassir , М.Видео, and MTC, it becomes easy to tell that there is a change coming over the horizon. In order to keep up with these changes, you’ll want to take a look at the Best Russia Travel Guide Blogs that you can find.

Travel around Russia is an experience that lasts a lifetime. These blogs provide the most reliable
information about the amazing things to discover about Russia. Some would say that reaching Russia
can be quite difficult. But if one is determined to go to the other side of the world, one will find ways and
means to go there. Read along and be inspired. Make Russia your next destination.

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56thparallel 13%

56th Parallel

Are you in search for travel tours and services that offers a unique travel experience in Russia? Well, this website is just for you. This blog is will help you immerse in the culture of Russia and know some of its amazing stories. Check out the site’s trip finder and its trip styles such as cruises and tours.
russiatrek 9%


Discover the Russian regions and discover the breathtaking views of Russia. This website offers several articles that talks about what Russia has to offer. It offers useful information that matters to travellers. With, travel is made easy.
Tripsget 8%


Get your holidays organized with the help of this power couple who loves adventure. They travel the world and share their experiences thru their blog. Their aim is to inspire others to pack their bags and travel more often. They talk about both budget and luxury trips. As to date, they have been to 66 countries and still counting.
stingynomads 14%

Stingy Nomads

Campbell and Alya are inspiring couples that have been traveling around the world for over 4 years now. They write about their adventures and give tips about being frugal along the way. Their blog is a great resource for valuable travel and a trusted one at that.
lonelyplanet 7%

Lonely Planet is considered the top influencer in the field of travel. This website offers in depth information about different countries around the world. The authors have published a guidebooks and had a television show dedicated for travel.
Wanderlust 8%


With years of experience, this travel magazine is the best source of information in terms of reliability and dependability. All articles are well written by travel experts and always up to date. Let this website guide you to places that offer the best travel experience.
traveller 14%


This website is the ultimate travel resource with its well-researched articles and stories about the author’s first hand travel experiences. This travel magazine is published online twice a week offering travel tips and advice. Know more about the best places in the world with this website.
solotravelerworld 13%

Solo Traveler World

Who says traveling alone is not exciting? Janice teaches us about having the best experience even if you are traveling solo. She shares through her blog travel tips and experiences which will encourage readers to discover the world.
wearefromlatvia 14%

We Are From Latvia

Kaspars and Una started their adventure together in India way back 2013 and have been unstoppable ever since. Their trips abroad taught them how to travel and have the best experience on a limited budget. They did volunteer works and accepted jobs just to save money for their travels. Their enthusiasm and passion make them exceptional.

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